Stomach cancer survival rate and ways to improve it

The stomach cancer survival rate would refer to those people who have survived this cancer even after it being detected in them. One thing we all must know is that the stomach cancer cannot choose its victim. It just happens and any one can fall prey to it, no matter which race, no matter what your diet is. Research has shown that the men around the age of 40 to 60 years are more susceptible to the stomach cancer than women. The mortality rate also depends upon the various diets that people follow in various countries.

stomach cancer

If we look as at the western part of the world, the stomach cancer survival rate has decreased by 50 percent during the past 25 years. Additionally, the mortality rate that has come up due to this is much lesser than even one third of what is was before. This is a significant decrease.

On an unfortunate note, the lesser developed nations fail to match up with the western worlds development in terms of the stomach cancer survival rate. Delay in one’s diagnosis is the major cause of these phenomena. Many of the patients are just diagnosed with the barium meal; this is a method that traces the cancer only at the very later stages.

The first stage of the stomach cancer is the chronic dyspepsia. One might also experience epigastric discomfort. Anorexia, weight loss, anemia, fullness feeling and fatigue are symptoms of this stage that later develop into cancer. When the diagnosis is not done on time it leads to a low stomach cancer survival rate.

How to improve the stomach cancer survival rate?

However if the cancer is detected at an early stage it is curable. The issue here is that not many people are able to treat it at an early stage as they themselves are not aware of the symptoms. The symptoms of cancer do not appear in the initial stages. It is only later that they emerge as a matter of concern. This is the major reason for the low stomach cancer survival rate.

How to prevent stomach cancer?

Have food that has a high anti-oxidant content as it helps in combating the occurrence of cancer. Vitamin A and C are very necessary as they are known to keep the cancer at bay. You can find these vitamins in vegetables and fruits. Smokers beware. Cancer has double chances of occurring in smokers. Thus, termination of smoking as a habit is very important.

In the past 5 years, as per the research, the stomach cancer survival rate in the US and most of the western part of the world is about 5-15% for those people who are diagnosed at the very later stages.

In countries like Japan, wherein the cancer is very often diagnosed at an early stage, the stomach cancer survival rate in 5 years is more or less 50%. The stomach cancer survival rate in the advanced stages is merely 20-30% for those who have the regional disease to almost down to zero for those people who are already in the phases of metastatic

With the latest chemotherapy, the median stomach cancer survival rate is about 1 to 2 years. However, if the cancer has been detected much before it can spread, then the relative stomach cancer survival rate is about 61 percent.

Stomach cancer survival rate get optimistic every year

If you are wondering what the latest stomach cancer survival rate is so that you can assess your own situation, then, be optimistic as the rate is very good. Stomach cancer is very common and the advanced medicines have recently allowed further improvements in the ability to cure people of this disease. Don’t hesitate to try out new medicines and medication in case you feel that the stomach cancer treatments are not working out.

Stomach cancer is the cancer that appears in the stomach due to irregular food habits such as eating outdoors in unhygienic and unhealthy places.

stomach cancer survival rate

Improvements in the stomach cancer survival rate

There have been new improvements in treating stomach cancer from indentifying it in the early stages to curing the disease the moment it occurs. There are several ways in which you can treat stomach cancer and these are the latest methods being used nowadays. Imagine being able to cure the disease the moment it is detected. The moment you feel you have indigestion, loss of appetite, or any abdominal irritation then, you must get it checked. If there are any signs of stomach cancer present, then, one should consult a cancer specialist immediately so that they may be able to treat it.

Stomach cancer survival rate after treatments

The stomach cancer survival rate is very optimistic to as high as 65 -70% for cases that have been identified in the early stages. Treatments for individuals who have detected stomach cancer in the last stages as in any other cancer is less than 15%. There are studies that have shown that immediate and full recovery is possible for those who have treated stomach cancer in the early stages.

The stomach cancer survival rate also depends upon the age of the person been infected with the disease. As the age of the person is higher than, stomach cancer survival rate gets lower. It also largely depends upon the various numbers of treatments that the person has undergone and whether the person is showing some improvement despite the metastasis.

There are various types of treatments that can improve your own stomach cancer survival rate. These are radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery and multimodality therapy. There are various other alternative healing therapies that have been successful in prolonging the last stages of stomach cancer improving the stomach cancer survival rate for many. It all depends upon the individual trust and ability to cope with the stomach cancer treatments as most of them have several side effects like loss of hair and loss of appetite.

One should also be very careful in identifying the stomach cancer signs at the early stages in order to ensure that they are one of the optimistic numbers in the stomach cancer survival rate. A 100% recovery is also possible if one is very careful in food habits and regular treatments with the cancer specialists.

Stomach cancer survival rate will improve in all nations if the governments are very careful as to ensure that the rate increases every year with the introduction of advanced medication to all.